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Classic Shapes With

Classic Shapes With

Rédélé glasses are made of an ultra-innovative material, known as TR2R. This material is the result of Rédélé’s in-depth research on an exclusive polymer conceived to be extraordinarily long-lasting and bi-color – two key features of the entire eyewear collection.

TR2R and
Beta Titanium

Each pair of Rédélé glasses features ultra-light and ultra-flexible temples created in beta titanium and junctions produced from a unique part with the logotype engraved on the inside. The temple width measures 0.65mm, giving the mounting an unprecedented lightness and comfort to the wearer and making the glasses ideal for everyday use.

Rédélé glasses are easily adaptable to any face, thanks to the temple tips that can be adjusted by an optician within 5 to 10mm.

All Rédélé end-pieces and temple tips are bi- color produced through the interplay of two carefully selected coordinated colors. Temple tips covered in rubber and engraved with the Rédélé logo betray a dedication to maximum comfort and attention to detail.


Rédélé proudly presents the new generation of optical frames incorporating the new and exclusive TITANBLOCK hinge, developed using cutting edge technology. Milled from a solid titanium piece without thermal stress, to guarantee a strength and durability previously unseen.

Light as a feather, strong as a rock.

Average weight 19.5 gr. per frame, made using Titanium grade 5 ( Ti 6-4) significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium (grades 1-4) while having the same stiffness and thermal properties.

The new models Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Victoria, Toronto and Ottawa, are inspired by the wonderful Canadian cities to continue the journey that has been undertaken since 2018 in naming the models of the collections after evocative and inspirational cities and places.

Each Rédéle TITANBLOCK frame is created with the highest attention to detail, combining comfort, lightness and innovation – all fundamental aspects in the brand’s philosophy and the roots of its name. Jean Rédéle created the Alpine Renault in 1954, the automobile manufacturer specialized in the most technologically advanced sports cars. This is a great inspiration to Rédéle Srl, who has built the fundamentals of the brand with that same idea in mind.