Rédélé – Made in Italy by Rédélé


When Italy moves
to California

Rédélé is a eyewear brand founded in 2012 by the young, free-spirited rule breaker, Alessandro De Vecchi. After five successful seasons the brand’s creative team has taken a new direction and has moved across the ocean to sun drenched Los Angeles – the hotspot for fashion-forward, sophisticated, confident and laid-back lifestyles.

Rédélé moves to laid-back Los Angeles—the city where musicians, film makers, artists, writers, designers and creative spirits all live under the sun.

Los Angeles is the palm tree laden city with an endless blue view and where the unencumbered lifestyle is driven by personal tastes. It is a city alive with cacti, where people head to the beach before rush hour and head to the taco truck in the afternoon. A city which is a magnet for artistic communities from all backgrounds that fill the laid back neighbourhoods with their uniquely Californian point of view.

The new Rédélé collection is a celebration of the brand’s newly established Southern Californian roots. The collection draws its influences from classic sunglasses, including American designs and the legendary Los Angeles icons of yesterday, plus the creative community of today. The collection is driven by an appreciation of effortlessness and the good life.

Rédélé is a eyewear brand

The collection features 32 new exclusive styles divided between prescription glasses and sunglasses. Masculine and feminine, luxury and street style, the Rédélé collection distinguishes itself by its passion for the craftsmanship of superior eyewear. Each Rédélé bespoke design is entirely made in Italy and is the maximum expression of craftsmanship, good taste and passion.

Each Rédélé frame is created with the highest attention to detail, combining comfort, lightness and innovation – all fundamental aspects in the brand’s philosophy and the roots of its name. JeanRédélé created the Alpine Renault in 1954, the automobile manufacturer specialised in the most technologically advanced sports cars. This is a great inspiration to the founder ofRédélé, who has built the fundamentals of the brand with that same idea in mind.