About Our Materials

Classic Shapes With
Sophisticated Technologies

Ultra-innovative materials

Rédélé glasses are made in an ultra-innovative material, known as TR2R. This material is the result of in-depth research conducted by Rédélé on an exclusive polymer created to be extraordinarily long-lasting. The Rédélé polymer has been created to be bi-colour – a characteristic that will be a key feature in all the pairs of glasses in the collection.

Bi-colour Polymer and Ultraligh Temples

All Rédélé end-pieces and temple tips are bicolour, always making two coordinated colours interact together. The ultra comfortable temple tips are covered in rubber and with a great attention to detail are decorated with the Rédélé logo.

Small and precious detials

The tireless team of Rédélé’s art directors designed a small brand illustration consisting of a perfectly circular frame with two crossed temples, designed to recall the images on the storefronts of old Italian artisans working with glasses. The Rédélé brand is used to signing and making each pair of glasses unique, just like traditional monograms are used in historical fashion houses and small artisanal laboratories.

The Perfect Combination

TR2R and
Beta Titanium

The quaiity of our lenses

One of the strengths of Rédélé’s sunglass collection are the lenses applied. Created in CR39, they are polarised and finished with an anti-dirt and anti-reflective coating. All are water-repellent and include a slight external mirroring feature which serves to absorb the sun’s rays.

Rédélé Fits Everyone of You

Each pair of Rédélé glasses features ultra-light and ultra-flexible temples created in beta titanium, with junctions created out of a unique part with the logotype engraved on the inside. The temple’s width is of 0.65mm, giving the mounting an unprecedented lightness and comfort to the wearer making the glasses ideal for everyday use.

Rédélé glasses are easily adaptable to any face and ear shape, thanks to their adaptable temple tips that can easily be adjusted by all optics within 5 and 10mm.