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Rédélé | Made in Italy eyewear

Rédélé and the LA icon:
the Goldstein House

Los Angeles is not just sun, palm trees and Venice Beach: it is the city that makes contemporary art and avant-garde design its strength.

For the new video-photographic campaign, Rédélé has chosen an exceptional, iconic and exclusive location, desired by the best directors, photographers and top models in the world: we talk about the Goldstein House, the villa that hides in the hills of Beverly Hills, designed in 1961 by architect John Lautner, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright.

A unique place, symbol of Los Angeles, which owes its name to its owner, James F. Goldstein, eccentric billionaire, supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers and icon in the fashion world who fell in love with the house so much to buy it in
1972 and then renew it in the furnishings, in the spaces and in the details, eliminating the fixtures from the windows and adding a tennis court and a night club, the Club James.

Art and architecture are part of the passions of James Goldstein, who decided to donate the house – with its collections of art and clothes – to LACMA, the most important museum in Los Angeles that features works by Andy Warhol, Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly, just to name a few.

A curiosity? The contract is revoked if the museum dares to move even one of its crazy jackets from the wardrobe.

Rédélé | Made in Italy eyewear

Goldstein Residence, Beverly Hills

Chosen by the Coen brothers for the shooting of the film “The Big Lebowski”, by Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams for their music videos, and by photographers like Helmut Newton, Michel Comte and Mario Testino for photographic shots
that made history, Goldstein House dominates Los Angeles with a breathtaking view of the city from the beaches of Santa Monica to Downtown.

The place to be, and Rédélé could not be there.

Not only that: the Goldstein House also stands out for its tropical jungle and for the light work of artist James Turrell, “Above Horizon”, a concrete room on the side of the hill with luminous openings on the ceiling that allow light to sound in the space.

Rédélé and the Beauty

With sharp corners and edges, the Goldstein House is a masterpiece of architecture that combines innovative design and lush greenery. We, too have created a masterpiece, with the best Rédélé ever.

Lightness, comfort and technical innovation are the main features of our frames, which express creativity, passion and attention to detail. Men’s, women’s and unisex, technological and lightweight, the new models enhance the personality of the wearer, thanks to the perfect combination of lines and colors that are unique and never predictable.

Unique and avant-garde models, our glasses are made with an ultra-innovative material, the TR2R, a new and exclusive polymer resulting from the constant Rédélé research that guarantees unprecedented durability and comfort of the frame.

Rédélé | Made in Italy eyewear

We asked James Goldstein what beauty is for him and these were his words, which we endorse: “Beauty is clean lines, it is a product of mastery”.

The beauty of its minimalist residence with precise and clean shapes, inspired the Rédélé designers in tracing the lines of the new iconic collection, which reflects the Goldstein House in its squared profiles, in the highest quality materials and in design.

The actor Jeff Bridges in the movie “The Big Lebowski”

James Goldstein and our founder Alessandro De Vecchi

Nothing is left to chance in Goldstein House: windows, lighting, carpets and all interior furnishings have been custom designed to the smallest detail and are all balanced to create a more than unique style.

What fascinated us most are the daring perspectives, which lead the eye towards a breathtaking view: everything is projected onto the landscape, with plays of light and modern lines that create a continuous dialogue between nature and interior spaces.

Sam Muller
the photographer

The eyes of the Rédélé campaign are from Sam Muller, a Los Angeles artist who makes the camera his favorite medium. He has made campaigns for brands such as Nike, Levi’s, Red Bull and Vans.